What to expect from the CBR Theory Exam

Before you take your driving exam, you need to pass the theory exam first. This is an exam that consists of a total of 65 questions, which will be answered on a computer. You have 30 minutes to finish the test. If, due to special circumstances, you have requested extra time, you will have 45 minutes to answer the questions.

What to bring to the exam

Make sure to bring your reservation number and valid identification.

The theory exam consists of 3 parts
Hazard perception: In this part you will get questions that have to be answered within 8 seconds. The questions show situations in which you have to respond with one of the following answers: to brake, release the accelerator or do nothing. There will be a total of 25 questions of which at least 13 have to be answered correctly.

Knowledge: Questions on basic knowledge are being asked in this part. These questions regard speed, trafic signs, road placement and positioning, and many more factual questions. This part consists of 12 questions of which  at least 10 have to be answered correctly.

Insight: In this part of the test it is up to you to show that you know how to apply the rules and how to act in situations. This part consists of a total of 28 questions of which 25 have to be answered correctly.

Can I take the exam in English
Yes! It is possible to take the theory exam in English.

At the exam center
When you arrive at the exam center you first need to sign up at the registration monitor. After this your reservation number shows up on the screens in the waiting hall. Next to your reservation number one of the following phrases shows up; ‘aangemeld’ this means you are signed up and do not have to take any further action yet. ‘Spullen in de locker’ means it is time to put your belongings in a locker, your exam will start shortly. Make sure to keep your reservation number and your identification with you! ‘Ga naar start examen’ means it is time to go to the start of the exam. You will now go to the service desk from there they will appoint you your place. As soon as you sit down behind the monitor you sign in with your reservation number. From thereon everything speaks for itself.

After the exam you get the results directly. You also get an overview of how you scored in each part of the test.