Driving Training: agreement for individual lessons
Driving Training package: agreement for a fixed number of lessons (lesson package or course)
Written: in writing or electronically.

Article 1 – Applicability

The general terms and conditions are part of lesson agreements concluded between Rijschool de Graduate and their students.

Article 2 – Obligations of the driving school

The driving school is obliged to ensure:

  1. That the lesson is given by instructors who comply with the provisions of the Driving Instruction Motor Vehicles Act (WRM);
  2. That the lesson is given by the same instructor as much as possible;
  3. That the agreed duration of a lesson is also fully used for this lesson;
  4. That the student will carry out the driving test (exam) in the same car in which he/she took his/her driving lessons. In case of force majeureit is possible that the student will carry out the exams in a replacement car.

Article 3 – Obligations of the student

  1. The student must be 16,5 years or older;
  2. The student must adhere to the date, time and place of the driving lesson as stated in Flexpulse. The instructor will wait an extra 15 minutes. If the student doesn’t show up without canceling on time as stated in Article 3.3, the student is obliged to pay the full lesson price;
  3. The student must pay the full lesson price if the driving lesson is canceled within 72 hours before the time agreed/confirmed in Flexpulse. Saturdays and Sundays as well as public holidays are not included in these 72 hours. The student must cancel the lesson by telephone during office hours. A lesson that was canceled too late will not be charged in the case of Articles 3.3.a and 3.3.b;
  • a: The student will not be charged if a lesson was cancelled too late due to an urgent reason, such as a serious accident or death of the student, as well as a serious accident or death of relatives in the 1st and 2nd degree or of his/her housemates. In these cases, the student must submit an official (doctor’s) statement;
  • b: A lesson that was canceled too late will not be charged if the student is infected with the corona virus and the student can send 1) an invitation from the GGD test appointment 2) a positive test result;
  1. The student must follow all instructions of the driving instructor during the lessons.

Article 4 –
Cancellation of the lesson agreement

4.1 Cancellation Driving Training

  • a:.A Driving Training (an agreement without a fixed number of lessons, whether or not for a fixed period) can be canceled from the first day of a calendar month;
  • b: The notice period is one month;
  • c: Lessons that were paid in advance will be refunded after deduction of completed driving lessons, administration costs and examination cost.
  • d: The student doesn’t have to take driving lessons during the notice period if there is an urgent reason, as stated in Article 3.3.b. The student will receive a refund for the driving lessons that haven’t been completed.

4.2. Cancellation Driving Training Package

  • a: The student is allowed to terminate the agreement if the driving school fails imputably to fulfil its obligations in the fulfillment of the Driving Training Package. Thus, the student must provide the driving school with a written notice of default;
  • b: The student gives the driving school a period of two weeks to still comply with the Driving Training Package agreement;
  • c: If the driving school still fails to comply after this period, the student may terminate the Driving Training Package agreement;
  • d: The Driving Training Package agreement may be dissolved without notice of default if the driving school has made it known that it does not wish to comply with the agreements in the Driving Training Package agreement;
  • e: The student may cancel the Driving Training Package if there are urgent reasons as stated in Article 3.3.a. In these cases, the student must submit an official (doctor’s) statement;
  • f: The driving school can only terminate the agreement if it cannot reasonably be expected that the Driving Training Package will be continued;
  • g: In the cases 4.2.c, 4.2.d and 4.2. as stated above, the student will receive a refund after deduction of administration costs, the examination fee(s) that have been paid and the driving lessons that have been taken.

Article 5 – Payment

  1. The driving school is entitled to charge administration costs;
  2. The driving school can change the prices of the driving lessons during the agreement. This does not apply to the prices of the lesson packages that are part of the Driving Training Package;
  3. Payment should be made within 14 days of the invoice date;
  4. Payment is made via bank (IDEAL) or in another way by appointment, but always before the start of the lesson;
  5. If the student has not paid on time, a reminder will be sent, giving the opportunity to pay the outstanding amount within fourteen days of the date of this reminder. If payment has still not been made after the expiry of the reminder, the amount will be increased by 15%. The driving school can collect the amount due through a debt collection agency.
  6. If the student fails to pay the amount due, the driving school is entitled to suspend the driving lessons and the reservation of the exam.