Fear of driving

Feeling anxiety or fear to drive a car, or do you have driving phobia and does this stop you from driving? More than 10% of the drivers feel uncertain or experience anxiety while driving a car. Often they find excuses to avoid driving. Stop finding excuses and let our experienced coaches help you to overcome your fear of driving. Our driving instructors will give you the confidence so you can sit behind the wheel again.

Driving lessons for people with anxiety

We help you to overcome your fear of driving. We always start with the first driving lesson in one of our cars, so we can control the car if needed (dual controle is installed in all our cars). After this lesson, it’s possible to have driving lessons in your own car. In this case you do need to have a valid driving license.

Cooperation with psychologists

At Driving School the Graduate, the instructors are specialized in giving driving lessons for people with a fear of driving. In addition, the Graduate works with certified psychologists for students who suffer from severe fear of failure. Our motto is: anyone can learn to drive. So no matter how severe your fear of driving is, our team of specialists is ready to make sure you learn how to drive without fear.


Some reviews that speaks for itself:

I was very lucky that my friend recommended me Saida’s class! From the very first moment I felt comfortable, even I came to my first lesson stressed. She made me believe that I really can drive! Saida gives you as much freedom as you need during the class, allowing you to make small mistakes but learn from them. At the same time she is always ready to support and take over when it is really needed. Another great point that she gives you feedback after every class, so you constantly can grow!
I am so happy to have my classes with Saida.

Татьяна Коростелева

I really enjoyed Saida’s driving classes.
I liked the fact that there was always a plan on how to improve my driving skills and the fact that after each lesson we had a discussion about how the driving session went and what we should work on improving next.
She helped me as well in overcoming my fear of driving.
I really recommend Saida!

Elisabeta Lotrean

Such a good school, especially their instructor Saeeda who specializes in fear management in new drivers. She helped in boosting my confidence and actually start to enjoy driving. She was observant of my mistakes and had a very nice way to make me practice more. I would recommend Saeeda to anyone who might have fear of driving or trying it for the first time.

Mez A

I had an excellent experience taking driving lessons with Saida. […] I was particularly nervous about driving on the highway. Saida really took time to understand what I needed and built up my confidence. It was really great to be instructed by her and she went out of her way to help me overcome my fears. I would highly recommend Saida as a driving instructor.

Ulka Athale

Saida was brilliant, patient and really informative while keeping the lessons fun and enjoyable! I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to have driving lessons.

Nathan O'Connor