Theory Course Amsterdam

Everybody who wishes to obtain his or her driving license must pass the CBR theory test. The Graduate works together with ‘Theory in Amsterdam’, where you can take a Dutch or English full-day theory course. The theory courses are given online via Zoom or on location in Amsterdam. It is not mandatory to take a theory course: it is possible to study by yourself and to then make the arrangements with CBR to take the test.

Why a theory course might be useful for you

A theory course is ideal for those with a busy schedule and little time to study and practice on their own. Within 1 day you will receive all the information you need to pass the theory exam. In addition you will receive extra studymaterial so you can study at home at your own pace.

Free extra study material

In addition to the theory course, you will also receive extra studymaterial to optimally prepare for the theory exam:

  • 50 online exams
  • 3250 practice questions
  • A summary of the Theory Book
  • Free access to apps with information about traffic rules and road signs
  • Chat support
  • The manual ‘how to pass the theory exam’