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Are you searching for automatic driving lessons in Amsterdam? The Graduate Driving School Amsterdam provides personalized driving lessons as well as complete lesson packages, specifically designed to help you acquire your automatic driving license. Are you uncertain whether an automatic transmission is the right choice for you? Discover more about the differences between manual and automatic driving lessons, the advantages of automatic driving lessons, and the implications for your driving license.

The difference between manual and automatic driving lessons

If you choose automatic driving lessons, you no longer need to focus on shifting gears. In an automatic transmission, gear shifts are automatic. Switching gears and using the clutch are not covered in these lessons.

Are automatic driving lessons something for me?

Automatic driving lessons are ideal for those who want to make it as easy as possible to obtain a driver’s license, for example, people with driving or performance anxiety. Usually, you need fewer lessons for this because you do not have to learn how to switch gears. The automatic driver’s license is therefore often cheaper.

Automaat driving license

After passing your driving license with an automatic transmission, you will receive a note on your driving license that indicates you can only drive with an automatic transmission. If you eventually prefer to drive a manual car, you can book a few extra lessons and then drive again. You do not have to retake the theory exam.

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