Driving license in 3 weeks – Speed Course in Amsterdam

Are you an experienced driver already and do you want to obtain a Dutch Drivers license as soon as possible? We make sure you get the license within 3 weeks of training!

The Expat Speed Course contains 2 sprints. The first sprint is to pass the theory exam. The second sprint is towards the practical exam. In a total of 3 weeks of training, you will take the theory and practical exam!

The Program:

We always start with an intake. If we think you are fit for the program (an experienced driver indeed) we continue with 2 sprints:


Sprint 1 – Pass your theory in 1 week.

With a special developed Theory Speed Course, you get the best study materials, a team of theory teachers and access to the best online theory platform. After the Theory Speed Course you need to pass the CBR Theory Exam.

Sprint 2 – Getting your driving license in a week

Day 1: Lesson #1
Day 2: Lesson #2
Day 3: Lesson #3
Day 4: Lesson #4
Day 5: Lesson #5 + Practical exam

Total price: €1250,-


Do you want a driving license within 3 weeks?

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