The CBR is open again! But what does this mean for you? In this article we will inform you about the steps ahead. If you still have questions, you can contact us via WhatsApp.

You want to book a theory exam

This is possible, but the system is down. Do you still want to book your theory exam quickly?
Then contact Rijschool The Graduate. We will help you book.

You want to book a practical exam

This is possible. However, CBR has only released exams from the 1st of April. They do this to give space to the students who should have an exam during the lockdown. These students receive the exams until April 1. Do you not have an exam booked yet, and do you want to book one? Then contact us via WhatsApp.


You were suppose to have your exam during the lockdown

We can book a new exam the day after your original exam. So suppose you had an exam on December 21st, we can book a new exam on December 22nd.
This new exam will likely take place between January 19th and April 1st. We will automatically contact you.