License for automatic cars at The Graduate Driving School

At The Graduate, you can also get you license for automatic cars. In an automatic car, gear shifting happens by itself. So the classes do not cover working with the clutch and switching gears in this case. More and more cars are equipped with automatic gearboxes. They are simple to use and allow for more economical driving than with regular cars. For anyone who wishes to make getting his or her driving license as easy as possible (for example people with a fear of driving or of failing), automatic is ideal. Usually you will need fewer lessons because you don’t have to learn how to shift. Getting your license for automatic driving is therefore often cheaper.

Once you get your license for automatic, there will be a special mention in your license indicating that you can only drive with an automatic car. If after a while you do decide that you prefer driving a manual car, then all you have to do is book a few extra lessons. But you will not have to take your theory test all over again.

The Graduate Driving School

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