Half-way mock test

Half-way mock test

You can choose a package that offers a half-way mock test. The advantage of the half-way mock test is that it gives you a taster of what the actual test will be like. Yet, if you successfully complete the special driving maneuvers (three-point turn, rear parking, parallel parking) you will be dispensed from having to do them during the test. The half-way mock test therefore relieves some of the burden and builds your self-confidence as well.


Driving tests are organized by the Central Dutch driving license office or CBR. In order to schedule a test, the student gives clearance to The Graduate via the CBR website (www.cbr.nl) by entering his or her DigiD details. You will receive an email letting you know when a test is scheduled for you. Then your contact details become automatically accessible to our driving school in CBR’s reservation system.

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