Driving theory course in Amsterdam

Everybody who wishes to obtain his or her driving license must pass his or her theory test. The Graduate works together with the National Theory Centre, where you can take a Dutch or English full-day course. You can take this by Zoom or in Amsterdam, in order for you to be ready at the end of the day to pass the test. This is perfect for people with a busy schedule and little time to study and practice on their own. It is, of course, possible to study by yourself and to then make the arrangements with CBR to take the test.


About the course

Every Sunday in Amsterdam – The Englsh Theory Course
The course starts at 10AM and will take around 7 hours , so untill 5PM.
There will be breaks in between.

Theater de Omval
Ouddiemerlaan 104

1111 HL Diemen

There will be coffee and tea. Lunch is not includes.
There is an Albert Heijn and Deen Supermarkt on walking distance.




Free license for online practising

You will receive a license to test yourself with 50 exams online for free! (normally €15).

Theory book + Online Package

We recommend this package from Lens Media:

Get all the possible tools for your CBR exam prep with this Car Theory Book 2021 Complete Package!

Learn, test your knowledge and practice step by step (read more about each of the tools below):

  1. Study driving theory in the Netherlands with the help of the Car Theory book 2021.
  2. Use the Summary of the Theory Book to repeat what you have learned.
  3. Test how much you’ve learned with 50(!) online training exams, equivalent to CBR exams.
  4. Then look up all the local traffic signs in the Traffic Signs Book or the Traffic Signs App.
  5. What documents to bring to the test? Where to apply for the test? Do I need a health check? Go through a step by step guide on the CBR’s “How to Pass Your CBR Theory and Practical Exam” brochure.
  6. Finally, practice priority situations on the Priorities app, which will also help you prepare for the practice exam.